Meta, a parent company to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, is set forth to introduce the shortcut to Facebook’s Messenger app, similar to that in Slack. With the shortcuts, you will be able to send certain messages silently and even tag your friends in your chats.

Two of the shortcuts have been made available for the users on March 29th. Meta says about the features that while chatting individually or in a group, you may tag people using “@” so that the people who are tagged get notified about the message. For example, in order to tag everyone, you can add “@everyone” before a message so that everyone may get a notification of the particular segment of your message. Meanwhile, there’s also an option for sensible people who want to talk but not disturb everyone in the chat. The option is to use “/silent” before writing a message that will leave your message in everyone’s and individual’s inbox silently, or without being notified.

Further, Meta says it will release more of such shortcuts that will allow you to use “/pay” to make the transaction of money within the chat easier than usual. It’s an ideal way to make an instant payment to your friends or even to request them to pay money to you.

Also, another shortcut “/gif” would let you find relatable and laughable gifs without having to search through the traditional techniques. The “/gif” shortcut followed with a subject you want to express would let you find numerous gifs to send to your closed ones.

Moreover, you can also send emoticons using shortcuts such as /shrugs and /table flip that will soon be made available to iOS devices. This way you can skip the specific typing of expression and simply type shortcuts to instantly use them in your chat.

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