Samsung has announced its partnership with Nifty Gateway, an NFT auction site, at CES 2022. The aim of this partnership is to bring NFTs to Samsung TVs, where you will be able to “browse, display, and interact with NFTs.” The feature is set to release in Samsung’s 2022 QLED and Neo QLED TV lines. In addition, the Nifty will feature an app for Samsung’s Frame TV and Micro LED TVs.

This new incorporation will let you display NFTs on your Samsung TV and even trade them off at your convenience. However, the Nifty Gateway rigorously keeps an eye on the seller of the NFT arts on its platform. Some artworks cravers like collecting items, and then there are some who do that as part of investments.

According to an announcement on YouTube, Samsung states that its TVs will “optimize the settings for a faithful rendering of the artist’s intention” on displaying an NFT on screen.

Moreover, you get NFTs’ corroboration through the partnership between Samsung and Nifty Gateway as part of Samsung’s Smart Hub. The integration seems like Samsung’s purpose is to showcase NFTs as artwork. This will work as when you are done with watching a movie or a show and decide to not see it any further, the TV screen will switch to an Ambient Mode, which will then begin to showcase the artworks piled up in your gallery, including the NFTs from Nifty Gateway.

The confirmation is not yet made on when the abovementioned integration would come to an effect. However, it may not sound handy to many, but you can anyway feel contented with the fact that you can still trade off those artworks and make money out of them. And if not trading, you can get a glance and relax your senses with the NFTs, working as screensavers for your Samsung TVs.

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