The Clubhouse confirmed on Tuesday, April 12th that it is currently undertaking a new in-room gaming feature testing to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app is launching a game named “Wild Cards,” as an in-room game that displays a set of questions that could help users to initiate a conversation and let them know each other. Presently, the language for the game is English, which may certainly add other languages in the future.

You can launch a game on your Clubhouse app by clicking on the “+Rooms” button and then selecting the “Games” option, which will drop you in a social room where your friends can join you to play the game via the invitation you send. Then, all you have to do is click on “Start Game,” which will then begin the game.

The Clubhouse has even disclosed a list of questions that may be included in the game. For instance, one of the questions could be asking you to pitch your best idea for a movie or series in 60 seconds or to identify a movie the whole group likes in three minutes. A few other questions that the game may put forth for you include the last five things in you your search history and the dog that matches your personality.

Clubhouse’s live audio feature became a popular means of communication between the users in times of pandemic and has ever since made the conversation between the communities from all parts of the world possible. However, the confinement is almost ended all over the world and Clubhouse is certain to hold back its users with the introduction of cool features yet missing in other audio platforms, including Twitter Spaces.

Also, Clubhouse has recently added a much-needed text chat feature into its audio rooms in the app, similar to the text feature observed in YouTube or Twitch apps. Adding this feature is an attempt to let the mic shy people share their thoughts through text.

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